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Please view it during the holidays and share your thoughts. I heard from our mutual friend and retailer in Piazza Navona, the other day, who said the merchants had begun setting up. Would be happy to help and I assume you can still track me down. Skyline, thank you for all of the quality cams that you have brought online!! Given the current climate, you should also just pop an email.

Right now, as I watch, there are not that many, though. :) Another friend of yours here and I are in contact offline as well. We will stop by Navona in early May (on our way home) and wave at the camera. Well, it's not looking too good for a Christmas Market (Mercatini di Natale) in Piazza Navona, again, this year.

This is unfortunate, since it is usually a lovely holiday event which takes place from early December until early January.

Even from the webcam, one can see all the festive decorations and wares for sale.

Gwynn/Bluebird/Gert - The Milan Cathedral/Galleria cam is pretty impressive at any time but with the addition of its Christmas tree it moves into the realm of pure magic!

I just viewed at at 4am local time and it was with the square devoid of people it was an inspiring site - I darn near got religion! Commenting has become more difficult for me so I am just enjoying the views for now. Jack, you should also take a look at the cam with the name you are asking about.

Piazza Navona is also well known to be home to many street artists, performers and painters attracting thousands of tourists and locals every day, moreover it is surrounded by a magical atmosphere during the winter time, the Christmas and the Epiphany market takes place here every year, due to its size and location, it is rightly considered one of the most beautiful, crowded and animated Christmas markets in Italy.

I used to have this awesome "loophole" that was literally a pussy paradise for about 5 years (say from 2002-2007) .

J., 1967, Quenching of spurious thermoluminescence by nitrogen, in , New York, Interscience Publishers (2nd edn.

An outline of the general physical principles of luminescence dating is given.

A case study of fluvial sands from the lower terrace of the Moselle valley is then presented to describe the range of field and laboratory procedures required for successful luminescence dating.

As well as proton magnetometers, he also developed the use of fluxgate magnetic gradiometers for the detection of buried remains, and was involved (with Derek Walton) in the development of the first SQUID cryogenic magnetometer (a device capable of measuring extremely subtle magnetic fields) to be used in Britain.

Also in 1958, the Oxford laboratory published the first volume of the journal , was published in 1961.

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