Dirty chatbots

If you’re trying to be more health conscious, Forksy is a great option.The NLP capabilities are great and it feels as if you can just type in any food combination and get an instant result.It’s the simple things that matter the most when we use chatbots for our daily activities.Whether we want to get a quick workout done today or get nutritional feedback for our last meal, these bots are crushing it in the health space.

I know, that's the past, but you can check out the slides posted on Slide Share.Forksy keeps track of your meals so you don’t have to.Whether you had three slices of pizza or a bagel with a little too much cream cheese, Forksy knows the dirty secrets of your diet.Per my previous post on Artificial Intelligence, this topic is nothing less than fascinating!Oracle has been making strong moves into the world of intelligent chatbots, its impact with consumers, within the enterprise ecosystem and specifically, what it takes to successfully implement them.

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