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Megan Prescott has occasionally popped up on British telly since fashion, the whole thing ended horribly when Naomi developed terminal cancer.Lily Loveless - yep, that's her real name - has gone on to become quite the accomplished actress, with her credits including The oddball Alo was an optimistic soul, best friends with rocker Rich (Alex Arnold) and - at the close of series six - was unexpectedly thrust into fatherhood when Mini (Freya Mavor) fell pregnant.Merrick narrowly missed out of the part of Pythagoras in the BBC's fantasy series Mini Mc Guinness was the queen bee of Generation Three - sweet on the surface but ferocious if threatened, she struck up a surprising relationship with farmboy Alo.

And you should forget that other thing ever happened.Her college friends gate crash Gregory's party and Alo gets thrown out after accusing Gregory's assistant Ryan of having sex with Mini.She confides her situation in Franky who advises her to tell Gregory but,never one for responsibility,he leaves for Australia without her,leaving her a cheque for five hundred pounds.Thus when drug pusher Luke reappears she finds herself drawn to his violent life style with some of it even rubbing off on her at home.Counselling is no help and when Nick tries to intervene when Luke starts another fight and ends up getting hurt Franky almost seems to relish it.

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