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The names, too, of the chief towns on the coast are of Phoenician origin.

With their trade they introduced the worship of Melkart (Heracles) and Astarte, especially at Mount Eryx (Monte S. While the Phoenicians who came to the main island continued as foreigners, the smaller adjacent islands — Lipari, Egadi, Malta, Cosura — became thoroughly Phoenician in population.

Considering the size of the island, it has many good harbours: Messina is the most important for commerce; Empedocle, the sulphur-exporting centre; Palermo, for oranges and lemons; Trapani, wines.

Besides these there are Syracuse, Augusta, Catania, Milazzo, Licata, and Lipari.

The Greeks had established themselves at some of the ports as early as the time of the Trojan War. C., when the Athenian Theocles was driven thither by a tempest.

He induced the Chalcidians of Eubea to settle at Naxos and the Dorians to found a new Megara.

Salvatore (6265 feet); the remainder of the island is an undulating inclined plain sloping to the Ionian and Mediterranean Seas.

Himera, on the north coast, was a colony of Zancle (648).However, this is not due to a great lack of schools, as there are 4156 elementary public, 563 private, and 310 evening schools ; 4 training colleges for teachers; 44 royal gymnasia (2 pareggiati , 27 non pareggiati ); 14 royal lyceums (2 pareggiati , 8 non pareggiati ); 34 technical schools besides 6 non pareggiati ; 7 technical institutes; 3 universities (Palermo, Messina, Catania ); and 1 conservatory of music (Palermo).Sicily is divided civilly into 7 provinces, with 24 circondarii, 179 mandamienti, and 357 communes.The island was greatly frequented by Phoenician merchants, as it lay in their way towards Africa and Spain, and was besides a centre of their trade.The presence of these traders is attested by Phoenician inscriptions and coins as well as by articles of Phoenician trade.

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