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Here are ten things that have changed about sex and sexual culture since the 1990s.

(The internet has changed things so much that it merits three spots on this list.

And everyone in America had “oral sex” on their lips before lunch that day. In the Before Time picture phones were a cartoonish idea but what did we do as soon as such technology came our way? The down side is that, whether it’s anyone else’s business or not, showing your ass can come back to bite your ass, especially if you’re an engaged politician, a married politician or a teenager.7.

Yep, with oral sex mentioned “92 times,” as noted in an American Journalism Review book review the Starr Report casualized talk about that act, and possibly the act itself, in a way no one else, not even Madonna fellating a water bottle(Truth or Dare, 1991), had done. Gay Rights Outside of the internet, gay rights and gay culture coming into its own has probably been the biggest change in our cultural perception of sex and sexuality.

Even South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut found Chef giving Stanley the advice to find the clitoris if you want a girl to like you.

And yet, for all this, from the Washington Post, 2010: “85 percent of the men said their latest sexual partner had an orgasm, while only 64 percent of the women reported having an orgasm in their most recent sexual event.”The math would suggest that there are still more Oscar-worthy performances going on in American bedrooms than in American movie theaters.10.

The main one, Becker says, is more people coming out, turning an issue into real, relatable people next door. The Rise of the Cougar When Harold and Maude came out 1971 the older woman/younger man relationship it featured didn’t exactly become a trend. Or maybe it was that the man was about 20 and the woman was about to turn 80 (though Hef’s 2013 marriage had a 60 year age gap, too).

Tanya Basu’s interview with author Jo Becker in The Atlantic details the many elements that came together to bring this change about.

Here are just a few of the effects of, as my erudite roommate puts it, “getting to see boobs and wieners for free.”* Anyone can do porn.

There are still professionals but now anyone can record themselves jerking off online and have a thousand views before you can say “What’s that stain on your i Pad?

Of course there were examples before this (here’s to you, Mrs.

Robinson) but it didn’t become a trendy concept until recent years.

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Whether they’re into sploshing, (wet and messy sex, as in “Pie fiiiiiiiiiight! ) are a woolie (love being wrapped in wool and are not a sheep), or hierophilia(sexual attraction to religious objects.

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