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“And when you look at it closely, the dating culture has led to widespread heartbreak, sexual immorality, STDs, abortion, abuse, and divorce,” Thomasson points out. It allows two people to evaluate the most important aspects that can result in a successful marriage.“All of these ills are much more likely to come from dating than courtship. If these aspects are found to be satisfactory, then they can allow the relationship to progress through the social, emotional and finally physical aspects.

“Some of the alternatives our friends have suggested deserve careful consideration, including a return to a ‘courtship’ rather than a ‘dating’ model for premarital relationships, closer parental supervision and guidance, and stricter and higher standards of personal purity,” shared Daly, winner of the 2010 Home Word Family Ministry Award.

“Both God and traditions promoted courtship, but the ungodly ideas from the entertainment media have promoted dating,” Thomasson explained. “It moves through a progression of emotional, social, character, and finally spiritual stages.

“Consider that most professionally recorded songs, even going back decades, are about romantic pursuit or the hurt that follows.” High price for dating He notes that teens pay a heavy emotional, physical and spiritual toll for taking the route of dating. There is no particular plan, and so it drifts along until marriage.” On the other hand, he says courting sets couples up for success, not failure. “It may start with physical attraction, but in my view, it then concentrates on the spiritual and character aspects of the two people.

“However, they may also reflect the disappointment of those who have entered marriage without really knowing who they are marrying.

We have not equipped those getting married with tools to know who they are marrying – only the means of avoiding a sexual encounter.” But he warns parents that courting isn’t an exact science that guarantees marital success, as there are many things that factor into the equation, particularly the dynamics between the parent-child relationship.

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